Thursday, March 05, 2009

lagi2 di kala BusAN~~

Do you think you are hot?!
yup.. hot n sexy yoo.. hahahaha...

Upload a favorite picture of you.

Why do you like that picture?!
emm.. nmpk ak mcm sakit leher kot?? hahahah.. tp nmpk sweet de ponytail tu kot.. kekuningan~~

When was the last time you ate Pizza?!
about past two or three weeks.. huhuhu..

The last song you listen too?!
superhuman chris brown ft keri hilson

What are you doing right now beside doing this?!
emm.. trying to get an idea to do lab report.. water hardness report dowh~~

What name do you prefer besides yours?!
ntah la.. xpernah lak terpikir~~ em.. nama ni ok la.. even though ramai jek yg serupa ngn nama ak... NOOR SHAZWANI.. haruman wangi bungaan~~

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