Monday, August 17, 2009

weAkNess ku!!

You are often loved because of your outgoing and fun personality, and you like to give hugs and flirt, but underneath of it all you are lacking heart. You find hard to love others through all the walls you've built around your heart from being hurt so much throughout life, but you want to love, you desperately want that fun, romance that you see in others, but you don't know if you can have it in your current circumstances. You want stability, but at the same time you need change. You go from one extreme to another and often feel overwhelmed when you can't figure out something. You think about your life often and how you can improve your character. You find it hard to settle, but you really want to. You just feel like you need to find that balance, that heart that you've been missing for so long. You need to love through the pain, but it's so hard. But the walls need to crumble for you to truly be YOU..

ini weakness ku.. HATI

memang lumrah aku untuk lembut hati.. sedari dari kecil lagi..
tidak sampai hati aku untuk membuat orang kecewa..
tapi tak akan aku selamanya begitu..

aku mahu berubah.. mengharap kan perubahan yang lebih baek..
untuk diri ku dan juga orang keliling aku..

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